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Podcasts with Kay

Serving the Emotional and Spiritual Needs of Women

During this interview with Marnie and guest, Kay Hall, you’ll discover: • What passion is (from a godly worldview) • Why Christians need to understand its role in life and ministry • Where passion comes from • The simple process of identifying your unique passions • How to access and use it in a God-honoring way • How to release your passionate self for supernatural results Kay Hall is a certified professional life coach, speaker and the author of “Beyond the Hidden Veil of Shame,” a book under contract to be a movie. Through her own life challenges and victories, Kay leads all women. Especially those who are post-abortive, beyond shame and into forgiveness, grace and redemption.

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Join Jane for a special interview with the author of the book "Beyond The Hidden Veil of Shame", Kay Hall. You won't want to miss it! C'mon, let's Live Thankful Today!

This show is for that mom who knows the chaos of life, that daughter who knows the challenges of the day, and for those women who want to deepen their faith.

God invites us to take Him off our to-do list and to simply be - to simply be with him.

Join Jennifer for a special interview with the author of the book "Beyond The Hidden Veil of Shame", Kay Hall

Shame is something we've all faced, whether from something we've done or something that's been done to us. Yet when we think about being noticed, there are some things we don't want anyone to notice. Listen in on this episode, where I have a conversation about shame with Kay Hall, author of the new book, Beyond the Hidden Veil of Shame. We discuss her journey of redemption, the healing process, and how important it is to take notice of those areas in our lives that lie hidden in shame

"Kay and Jennifer’s story touched my heart. Kay’s abortion story is surreal. So often, we forget that we have not only sinned against ourselves but against God first of all. I love their story of redemption, forgiveness, and healing. So many girls and women need to hear this. God’s love rises above all."

Marty Anne Fleming

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