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a photo of a woman in a dress holding a large veil that is flowing in the wind.

Beyond the Hidden

Veil of Shame

One Woman’s Postabortion Journey to a Settled and Peaceful Heart.

You will find God's message of forgiveness, grace and redemption within the pages of this book.  It's a workbook to help you find your own settled and peaceful heart. 

Beyond the Veil of Shame  Book Jacket of a woman with a veil blowing in the wind.

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Kay Hall

I began this journey feeling the same way that you may be feeling right now.  I thought it just might be easier to go on living like it never happened.  Like it was another life, another time.  Well it’s not.  It’s real, and it happened.

What I also found was that how I feel today can’t even compare to how I was feeling.  I am free, filled with hope and joy that healing is more real than the abortion.  I am strong and courageous because I gave this all over to Jesus to heal and renew.

About the Book


The first step in any healing is to acknowledge what you have experienced and to have the desire to move through the pain into forgiveness and healing


If we avoid identifying the shame and live a life filled with regrets from the past our future will continue to elude us.


Accepting the past as it is, separating sin from your soul, opening your heart to receive God’s grace


Forgiveness is knowing that your sin is not a character flaw but an event. It’s saying to yourself I am not my mistake. I am whole and healing


To ask for grace is a humble recognition of the sin in your life and then a belief that you are not your sin and you desire to move forward


To redeem is to cash in on what you have been given through the cross. You turn in your sin for your salvation. You redeem the old you for the new you.

What Readers are Saying

Great book!!

Scott Crenshaw

A wonderful well written book that I would highly recommend! Any woman that is experiencing the torment of shame can find freedom, forgiveness, grace, and redemption through the truths in this book.

Linda Dunaske

A great book of healing and forgiveness


Lisa Lempke

What a joy to know there is forgiveness for past mistakes, sin that leaves us feeling empty and unworthy. “I am not what I have done, but I am who You say I am: beloved…

Tracy Michaud

Excellent healing material


Kathryn Frances

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